It's been awhile

Hello all and my apologies for the long delay in communication. It has been a very hectic time for myself over the past few months which included many emotional up and downs. Situations where I put to good use the steps in grieving and for AA. I have also met some amazing people during this time. Some who have attended the meetings and a couple that I met in my service work at Valley Hope of Chandler or at my AA Home Group, Get it Together. I have heard such stories of strength in times of grief and sadness. People who are have entered grief recently and a few who are still in heavy grieving after several years. Helping find relief from such suffering is the mission of GA and my work.

If you know of anyone who is going through this deep or unmanageable grief, please encourage them to give GA an opportunity to help. Sadly, one person, a very special one who I have known for a few years, is in a moment of weakness and relapsed in her alcoholism. She suffered to family deaths in a week's time. She is communicating with me as much as an active alcoholic will, but I ask prayers to her and all those who suffer from this pain for relief.


There is one other bit of big news! After being contacted by two funeral homes about providing one on one counseling with families who are beginning the journey of grieving, especially concerning the loss of a child; I have decided to open a private counseling and coaching practice. I do not have the client load as of yet to warrant an office but hope to soon. I offer to in home counseling or a private room at places that offer such. I have two great therapy dogs if you wish to come to my place. (He said with great sarcasm having two Jack Russel Terrors)

If anyone you know or if you are interested in personal grief, addiction or non-denominational spiritual counseling and coaching. Please contact me through this website. I also work with PTSD/Trauma. Please note I am not degreed but I am certified and have years of practical experience. I do not take insurance but charge basically a co-pay; $30/hour for individuals, $50/hour for couples and $75/Hour for family.

I promise to keep the communication regular for now on. Don't forget there is a meeting tonight at 6pm at Valley Hope of Tempe. I hope to see all of you there!


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