Step Five

Admitted to my higher power, myself and to another human being the exact nature of those unresolved matters, emotions and conflicts. 


In Step Four we wrote down our resentments, fears and those loose ends with the loss we experienced. In some or many cases we may have become the loss’ proxy and thought of those things that were open at the time of loss. It is still important to remember that as proxies, we are acting out of love and healing for both you and your loss. However, you cannot add to the pain of your loss experience by adding the weight of any of the emotional baggage that may come acting as a proxy.


This where Step Five comes in. Sharing what you have discovered in your Fourth Step with your Grieving Sponsor. Sharing what we have discovered about ourselves, our own experiences, strengths and hopes is the most powerful and healing tool we have. It is where we can understand where exactly we are suffering and how we can start to separate the suffering from the pain.