Why a 12-Step approach? 

There have been many 12-step programs created over the years. From alcohol and drug addictions, to overeating, codependency and other behavioral maladies. I found that the approach I found to overcome my grief over many losses in my life was also to apply the principals of the 12-steps. I needed to understand why I was grieving for any loss. Why, at times, that grieving was unmanageable and what was my part. 

As you read through the steps of grieving, I hope you find the same understandings and insights as I did. Join us in sharing your story, experience, strength and hope. Become a Grieving Sponsor or Mentor to others that have too suffered the kind of loss you have. 

The "Anonymous" in Grieving Anonymous isn't to remain unknown. But to be known and know that you are alone in grieving. No more pain in silence.